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Cucumbers Fresh, cool, hydrating

Thanet Earth cucumbers are carefully cultivated to produce the freshest, most flavourful taste. We grow around 30 million cucumbers each year in glasshouses the size of 8 and a half football pitches.

We have the longest growing season in the country due to our lit production over the winter months. Our crop is ready earlier, meaning fewer cucumbers need to be imported from winter-producing countries such as Spain.


Did you know…

Cucumbers contain Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, Zinc and many more!

Latest News

Official opening of UK’s first Centre of Excellence in greenhouse growing

07 June 2024

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Thanet Earth Lettuce

10 May 2024

Thanet Earth have recently moved into the production of leafy salads. Our Lettuce glasshouse based in Chichester has 2.6 hectares of lit production, enabling us

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Thanet Earth at CCCU

19 April 2024

The group of Marketing students thoroughly enjoyed listening to our story, finding out about our customers, our business and sustainability, with a focus on marketing

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