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Each of our glasshouses is also a power station using Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators. As well as providing the electricity to light and heat our glasshouses, we provide additional power back to the local grid. We have enough generating capacity to power approximately 50,000 homes.

We also have vast reservoirs on site to collect as much rainwater as possible. Our glasshouses are engineered carefully so that rainwater runs off them into the reservoirs and we even collect the condensation produced in the glasshouses. We usually collect around 50 million gallons from rainfall, with capacity to gather 70 million gallons. This makes us around 85% self-sufficient for water and ensures we aren’t a drain on the local water table. Our growing system is a ‘closed loop’ hydroponic method that involves no run-off being discharged as waste.

Latest News

Official opening of UK’s first Centre of Excellence in greenhouse growing

07 June 2024

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Thanet Earth Lettuce

10 May 2024

Thanet Earth have recently moved into the production of leafy salads. Our Lettuce glasshouse based in Chichester has 2.6 hectares of lit production, enabling us

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Thanet Earth at CCCU

19 April 2024

The group of Marketing students thoroughly enjoyed listening to our story, finding out about our customers, our business and sustainability, with a focus on marketing

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