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We can’t grow our plants without light, and the huge skies of Thanet are one of the reasons behind the decision to construct our glasshouse centre in this part of Kent. There are more sunlight hours in the South East and the plants benefit from all that extra sunshine. They’re more productive because of where we are.

However, we still have British winters, and even though we may have sunny days, the intensity of the light is not sufficient for our plants to be working at their full capability. So we supplement the natural light with LED lighting in order to produce year-round tomatoes and cucumbers and reduce our reliance on imported produce.

Our glasshouses have blinds installed but we have to leave small gaps for ventilation. On nights with low cloud cover, we can suffer from a reflecting effect from the escaping light. We know that occasionally when this happens we can become a spooky, glowing landmark. We do everything we can to minimise this.

Latest News

Thanet Earth donate to the Moroccan Earthquake Appeal

30 October 2023

Many of you would have seen the devastating news of the earthquake that hit Morocco on the 8 September 2023

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Charity Abseil to raise funds for Porchlight Charity

30 August 2023

On Friday 18 August 2023, our charity abseil down the Arcelor Mittal Orbit structure to raise funds for Porchlight

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Farm to Fork Summit at No 10 Downing Street

30 June 2023

On Tuesday 16 May 2023, Chris Butler, MD of Thanet Earth attended the Farm to Fork Summit at No 10 Downing Street

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