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Community & Charity Passionate about helping

Here at Thanet Earth we are passionate about our work within the local community. We believe that as one of the largest employers in the area  we have a responsibility to ensure that we give back to our local causes and charities.

Back in April 2022 we set up a committee composed of colleagues from across the business, with the aim of reaching out to the local community to see how we could help small, independent charities and numerous schools with financial donations, sponsorships or produce donations.

The core of everything we do is based upon our aim of developing a positive and trusting relationship with the local community and as such we divide this into 3 main areas:

The first being produce donations to a number of local charitable causes. Then we have our Community Champions, a series of 12 individual small local causes that we help either with financial donations or sponsorship.

Not surprisingly many of our Community Champions are either school projects or charities helping families in some way due to Thanet being amongst the top 5 deprived areas in the UK, with a fifth of children in Thanet living in absolute low-income families.

Our third and final external area of focus is outreach, which is normally in the form of talks to schools and local community groups.

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Thanet Earth at CCCU

19 April 2024

The group of Marketing students thoroughly enjoyed listening to our story, finding out about our customers, our business and sustainability, with a focus on marketing

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Thanet Earth donate to the Moroccan Earthquake Appeal

30 October 2023

Many of you would have seen the devastating news of the earthquake that hit Morocco on the 8 September 2023

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Charity Abseil to raise funds for Porchlight Charity

30 August 2023

On Friday 18 August 2023, our charity abseil down the Arcelor Mittal Orbit structure to raise funds for Porchlight

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