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About Us

Our Story

Back in 2005 we had an idea. We wanted to do something that would help reverse a worrying decline in the amount of protected salad vegetables grown in the UK. The large-scale growers in Holland and Spain had been taking a bigger share of the UK market, with growers here finding it harder than ever to compete.

Energy prices had been rising at a much faster rate than the price of food. A production greenhouse in the UK has to be heated but it began to cost more to heat a greenhouse than the income it could generate from the sale of its crops. The industry had to find efficiencies and to look to the production models of European growers to stay in business and compete.

This would take a lot of investment and it would be a bold move to build a completely new business. We did the research and found the right partners – experts in growing and selling to the supermarkets. The challenge was to take Thanet Earth from paper plan to full production as quickly as possible.



A team of over 30 archaeologists, assisted by many volunteers, painstakingly excavate and document what lies beneath the surface.

The vision and plan are created. Our business is formed and funding is secured.


Infrastructure work starts on site


Greenhouse construction starts in April with first plants placed in greenhouses by December


First cucumbers harvested in March

Cucumbers are now grown from January to November. We produce around 30m a year

£50m sales

target reached in 2010


We launch the Thanet Earth Discovery Fellowship with Hadlow College. The programme helps us grow and assess new and exciting varieties to offer our customers


We begin our partnership with FareShare to distribute surplus produce

£75m Sales

target reached in 2012


First harvest from fourth greenhouse in March


Duke of Kent visits the glasshouses


Our schools programme has reached over 3,000 local children both in schools and our learning zone

Over 400m tomatoes are now grown with around 450,000 plants in one glasshouse


Kent Excellence in Business award –Land based business of the year winner


Construction of fifth greenhouse

£107m Turnover



Construction starts on sixth greenhouse.


5 year anniversary of the Discovery Fellowship with Hadlow College. Eight students have graduated as Discovery Fellows in that time.

First harvest from fifth greenhouse in March

By 2018 around 24m peppers a year are being produced, with speciality and super sweet peppers alongside four colours of standard peppers


First harvest of cucumbers from a greenhouse fitted with grow lights


Thanet Earth celebrates its 10 year anniversary


First LED lights installed, they are longer lasting, and produce considerably less light pollution that sodium lights

£124.9 Turnover



Planning permission granted to extend the packhouse


In May we completed the installation of 2,630 solar panels on our packhouse and office roof covering an area of 4,997m2. With an estimated reduction of 195,316kg of CO2 per annum


permission granted for seventh greenhouse

The Future