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For a grower like Thanet Earth, consistency of crop across the year is important to the success of our business. We must be productive and achieve optimum yields, but the crops we grow have to deliver on flavour and taste. For us to deliver that consistent quality we don’t leave things to chance.

Our expert growers control every aspect of the glasshouse environment. Growing in soil is a thing of the past for Thanet Earth. We grow using hydroponics, without soil. The roots of our plants grow in a block of fibre called Rockwool. The plants are then watered with a dropper that includes nutrients to aid their growth. The control this system offers is much better than with soil. It uses less water, less nutrients and the fibre blocks are very light and are recycled locally so it’s much more environmentally-friendly too.

Latest News

Official opening of UK’s first Centre of Excellence in greenhouse growing

07 June 2024

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Thanet Earth Lettuce

10 May 2024

Thanet Earth have recently moved into the production of leafy salads. Our Lettuce glasshouse based in Chichester has 2.6 hectares of lit production, enabling us

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Thanet Earth at CCCU

19 April 2024

The group of Marketing students thoroughly enjoyed listening to our story, finding out about our customers, our business and sustainability, with a focus on marketing

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