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Thanet Earth donate to the Moroccan Earthquake Appeal

Many of you would have seen the devastating news of the earthquake that hit Morocco on the 8 September this year. With a magnitude of 6.8, the earthquake caused substantial damage in the villages in the High Atlas Mountains.

We reached out to Delassus, one of our main suppliers in the region to help and through their charitable Foundation Sanady we have made a financial donation to help the relief effort.

The donation we made will go towards a variety of areas of need including temporary housing, fresh water & food supplies and the reconstruction of villages destroyed in the disaster.

“This is the first time Thanet Earth have donated to an overseas cause and our donation will enable Foundation Sanady to build individual houses for four families to put a roof over their head once more, in time for the quickly approaching winter. I am very proud of our business and our ongoing relationship with Delassus and the Sanady Foundation."”

Martin Rattigan, Head of Procurement at Thanet Earth

Photos of the relief effort courtesy of Foundation Sanady.