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How we grow

The crops at Thanet Earth are all grown hydroponically. This is the standard method of large-scale production which involves setting the roots of the plants in a inert material like Rockwool insulation, rather than soil. These growbags are perfect for providing a really good, spongy anchor for the plant roots and they're recycled afterwards.

The baby plants are bought from specialist nurseries and placed on their growbag. A dripper provides them with a mix of water and plant food with amounts given dependant on the variety growing, the time of day, the external weather conditions and light levels, and the desired growth rate of the plant. The system is controlled by a central computer.

Planting Peppers

The plants can grow to great lengths. Pepper plants will reach several metres tall, and some varieties of tomato plants will reach over 15 metres in total. We adjust the height of the base of the plants to put them at the best height for those tending to them. All the tending and picking is done by hand.

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Planting Peppers

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