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FAQs Water Use

Water can be pretty scarce. Won't this be a big drain on local supply?

Thanet Earth has designed what will be one of the most sustainable approaches to water management in modern agriculture.

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Our method of growing is one of the most water-efficient available. We have constructed seven large reservoirs on the site. It's in these that we store the rainwater we collect from the roofs of the glasshouses. This water collection alone provides us with over half of our required water. In addition to this, we're able to collect and recycle water from the previous day's watering. This reduces our overall daily need and cuts our fertiliser requirement. We have a borehole on the site which provides a small percentage, and we have access to a transport main (not connected to the local supply network) and an agreement that we may access water from this main to top up our reservoirs during the winter months. We're so careful about water use that we're making sure we're even able to collect the condensation that forms on the inside of the panes of glass and use that as part of our requirements.

The upshot of this detailed planning is not just a super-sustainable model, but it means that as a potentially significant user of water, we're not tapping into local supplies particularly during the summer months when water can be scarce. We expect to be self-sufficient between May and October.

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