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What chemicals will you be spraying on the crops?

Let's face it – none of us likes the thought of spraying chemicals on our food when there might be an alternative. That's why the industry has moved on significantly in the last few years. However, we still have the age old problems of insects such as greenfly and whitefly to manage. We now use a system of ‘predator control'. Basically, we bring good insects into the glasshouses in little packets that we put amongst the crops. They come out and eat the bad insects that we don't want in there. We keep a careful watch to make sure that pest levels are under control, and adjust the predators we use accordingly.

Biological Pest Control

We do everything we can to avoid chemical use – we don't want residues on our crops any more than you do! Occasionally, we may encounter a problem that the predator system can't help with. At such times we will, of course, only use the minimum amount of pesticide required, and anything used will be under strict regulation and certified perfectly safe in the quantities used.

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