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In its cauliflower growing days, the site had skylarks and hares on it. What about the loss of habitat?

We've been very careful in monitoring the environmental impact of our development. We have noted an increasingly broad range of birdlife around the site, and expect to further encourage the populations of grey partridge, lapwing, redshank, yellow wagtails, tree sparrows and corn buntings. We expect to keep a significant hare population, and note that there is still a large amount of suitable hare habitat nearby.

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Since we have been established we have been routinely monitoring the levels and varieties of butterfly found on the site. we have even plsnted additional areas of grassland to aid their establishment.

The site includes a number of reservoirs and we have already restored over 15 hectares of land to Kentish Chalk Grassland. We have planted over 15,000 trees and shrubs. Fresca Group is a corporate member of the Kent Wildlife Trust and will be taking their advice along with that of paid consultants and concerned local parties about how we can provide the right sort of habitats to encourage wildlife onto the site and minimise any environmental impact we have. Our aim is to make the site much more rich and diverse than it ever was as an intensively-farmed brassica field.

Environmental audits are a very important part of our business - we are audited against a number of criteria by our supermarket customers on a regular basis. They use the audits as an environmental safeguard amongst other things. We've gone a step further at Thanet Earth and we are very pleased indeed that we recently achieved LEAF marque certification - a great endorsement of our approach to our environmental responsibilities and integrated farm management. Please see for more information about what this means and their audit process.

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